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We have launched a recurring delivery service for our Spirulina and Chlorella tablets. The service is set-and-forget, with automated payment and delivery on an ongoing basis, eliminating the need to continually reorder.
We also offer a slight discount and ring-fence stock for subscribing clients, so there is no danger of us being out of stock.

We have faced a challenging first half of 2018, with short periods where Spirulina or Chlorella were out of stock. We always try our absolute best to avoid or minimise this, but spikes in demand and unexpected delays in production and logistics can sometimes lead to periods where we have run out of stock before the next batch arrives.

In order to eliminate being out of stock for our regular clients, we have launched a subscription service.

We ring-fence stock for subscribing clients, ensuring that we always have enough to fulfil recurring orders – even if we are showing as out of stock on the website.

In addition to benefiting from guaranteed stock availability, there is no hassle of continually having to reorder; after the subscription is initially set up, payment is made to us automatically and delivery is made to you automatically.

We are also offering a slight discount to subscribing clients, and the subscription can be started or cancelled at any time.

All subscription options are on a monthly basis, are processed via PayPal, and are for delivery to the UK. If you would prefer a different time-frame (maybe every 6 weeks, two months, three months, etc.), or would like to pay via standing order, or would like delivery outside of the UK, please contact us and we will set up a custom subscription for you.

To subscribe or see full details of this service, please see the subscriptions page here.

Published on: May 31, 2018


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