Latest chlorella and spirulina COAs

Certificates of Analysis for our latest batches of Spirulina and Chlorella have just been added to the site.
These are the results of in-house testing, conducted for safety and quality assurance, and are performed on a batch-by-batch basis.

They can be found here (Spirulina) and here (Chlorella) alongside existing third party laboratory testing results.

Considering that both the producers that grow spirulina and chlorella for us are amongst the world’s oldest and largest, and produce the highest quality product that we are aware of, everything is relatively standard from batch to batch.

However, some highlights for the latest batches include a 9% increase in the chlorophyll content in PlantPills Chlorella, up to 2.95% from 2.7%. Total pheophorbide content is up 41%, at 41.19 mg% from 29.17 mg%.

Protein in PlantPills Spirulina is up about 8%, at 67.46% from 62.49%. Chlorophyll is up about 8%, at 1.57% from 1.48%, and total carotenoids is also up about 8% to 492 mg/100g, from 455 mg/100g.

PlantPills Chlorella is currently out of stock, as we have sold out before the latest batch is due to arrive. We try very hard to keep our produce in stock at all times, but sudden surges in demand, and unforeseen delays in production and logistics can cause periods where we are out of stock.

Our chlorella is due back in stock in May, at which point we are going to launch a subscription service, allowing clients to have recurring deliveries of spirulina and/or chlorella at a slight discount.
As well as the cost saving, we will ensure that we always keep enough stock aside for subscription clients, ensuring that if we do ever run out of stock, we will still be able to fulfil the orders of clients with recurring orders.

We will be able to accommodate monthly, six-weekly, quarterly and half yearly recurring orders to the UK, Europe and most countries worldwide.

If you are interested in this, please keep an eye out for the launch of this on the newsletter and blog in May 2018.

Published on: Apr 10, 2018


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