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PlantPills information cards

We have started producing small cards containing basic information about PlantPills Spirulina and Chlorella tablets. “Why are you taking all those green tablets?” – a fair and obvious question, often asked by friends and family. “Errr… they’re good for you, look it up!” – can be the unprepared response, especially if caught off-guard. These information… read more »

Latest chlorella and spirulina COAs

Certificates of Analysis for our latest batches of Spirulina and Chlorella have just been added to the site. These are the results of in-house testing, conducted for safety and quality assurance, and are performed on a batch-by-batch basis. They can be found here (Spirulina) and here (Chlorella) alongside existing third party laboratory testing results. Considering… read more »

PlantPills launches Live Chat

With a growing number of studies and polls suggesting that Live Chat is the preferred method of contact for website visitors, we are delighted to announce the launch of Live Chat on Don’t worry though, there are no annoying pop-ups, just a static green box at the bottom right of the page that will… read more »

PlantPills Wiki Site Launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of PlantPills Wiki – a Wikipedia style website optimised for mobile devices. Our main website contains high resolution images and detailed content, often contained within tabs. This works well on desktop computers, but becomes difficult to navigate on devices such as tablets and phones. More than 50% of… read more »

SSL certificate installed on PlantPills server

  All connections to our website are now encrypted, creating a secure connection between our server and your web browser. This is indicated by HTTPS instead of HTTP in the URL, and a padlock displayed next to the address bar. Although our website does not currently incorporate elements that typically require secure transmission, such as… read more »

PlantPills Website Launched

  Following years of detailed testing, research and development, we are proud to announce the launch of PlantPills. We specialise in supplying powdered whole food produce in tablet form, and are launching with the worlds best chlorella and spirulina. Please note that all items are currently on back order, with expected delivery dates displayed. To… read more »